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Creating software to bring people together, in real life.

This website is created entirely by AI using ChatGPT and Midjourney. The code is written in code blocks using ChatGPT 4 and the Midjourney prompts are created by ChatGPT. It is then deployed to Vercel. We are using Next.js and React to build this website.

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Explore, Connect & Unleash Your Social Side. It’s Time to Meet People!

Discover events, parties, and social gatherings in your area. Get real-time insights on the vibe, attendees, and atmosphere to pick the perfect spot for meeting new friends. Traveling? Explore your destination ahead of time. Be prepared for our innovative Popup Party feature!

Say farewell to endless swiping and ghosting on traditional dating apps. Gloo brings people together at their favorite venues, fostering organic connections and cultivating meaningful relationships that thrive.

At a party but feeling shy? Gloo makes it easy to strike up conversations with potential romantic interests. Request a chat and see if you both want to find each other and meet in person. Overcome the fear and anxiety of making the first move. Leverage Gloo as your icebreaker!

Coming soon to the Apple App Store. Visit us at GlooParty.com.

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Wingman: Your Ultimate Personalized App Companion

Bits, Bytes & Code, Inc. is revolutionizing the way we interact with apps with their groundbreaking product, Wingman. With Wingman, users can now unleash the power of their digital persona and navigate through various apps effortlessly. Whether it's forging romantic connections, building business relationships, or fostering friendships, Wingman seamlessly integrates with compatible apps to bring your virtual presence to life.

Imagine a world where you can deploy Wingman to create meaningful connections tailored to your unique needs. This innovative technology allows users to embody their desired persona, enabling them to explore a wide range of interactions and experiences within the integrated apps. Wingman empowers you to curate your digital identity and maximize your potential in both personal and professional spheres.

Experience the future of app navigation and unleash the limitless possibilities of Wingman. Say goodbye to conventional interactions and embark on a journey of personalization, connection, and adventure like never before. Bits, Bytes & Code, Inc. has unlocked a new era in app engagement with Wingman, empowering you to forge connections and make your mark in the digital realm.

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